Sunday, March 29

Obama Announces His Plan for Afghanistan

The U.S. presence in Afghanistan will not "be an open-ended commitment of infinite resources, President Obama said in an interview aired Sunday.

Obama said security is tenuous in that nation in part because of
neglect in the last U.S. administration. He said he inherited the war and tried to suggest that it was not his war now that he has announce a new strategy for bringing stability to Afghanistan.

Bold "I think it's America's war. And it's the same war that we
initiated after 9/11 as a consequence of those attacks," Obama told CBS' "Face the Nation" on Friday, the day he announced his new plan. "The focus over the last seven years I think has been lost. ... Unless we get a handle on it now, we're gonna be in trouble."

(You can read the rest of the story here.)

Once again, President Obama wants us to know that he "inherited" the problem in Afghanistan. Does anybody else getting tired of his whining? All presidents "inherit" the situations, problems, and missteps of the prior administration. Get over it!

If you read on in the story, Obama's plan calls for increasing the number of troops, increasing aid and there is no exit plan. Sounds vaguely like a plan a guy named George W. Bush had eight years ago for Iran---a plan that he has been widely criticized for.

Hmmm, I hope that works out for O.



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