Saturday, March 21

Life Happens

I took an unscheduled bloggy break. Life happens and then you realize your last post was a week ago. Ouch.

I'll be back Monday and there is no shortage of topics to discuss:
  • Obama on Leno
  • AIG
  • Omnibus Bill
  • Timothy "Opie" Geitner
  • The teleprompter
  • Congress Passing 90% tax on executive bonuses
What else is on your mind?


happyathome said...

Missed ya and completely understand! I get to see the daily drama occuring with Dodd in my state, it will surely not be a dull politically for his election in 2010! Met one of the posible canidates last night at a Lincoln Day dinner and know Rob Simmons who has thrown his hat in. Dodd's days are numbered.....

Anonymous said...

Rob Simmons is the right person to send Dodd into retirement. Rob represented the Second district of Connecticut in the Congress for six years and lost a very close election (83 votes) in an anti-Bush year. Check out his positions on the environment, stem cell research and job creation.

Republicans in CT should unite behind Simmons because a primary will only divert much needed campaign funds which will be needed in the general election against Dodd who has a warchest from the banking interests.


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