Sunday, February 22

Recent Headlines

3 GOP Governors Don't Rule Out 2012 Presidential Challenge
Govs. Bobby Jindal, Tim Pawlenty and Mark Sanford never say never although all say they aren't focused on presidential politics right now.

Obama Seeks to Halve Deficit to Half Trillion Per Year by 2013
President Obama is using the coming week to work on a budget for the next fiscal year that puts government in the direction of spending only half as much beyond its means than will be spent this year.

Dodd: Nationalizing Banks May be Needed
Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd, D-Conn., told Bloomberg News on Friday that banks may have to be nationalized for "a short time."

"I don’t welcome that at all, but I could see how it’s possible it may happen," said Dodd. "I think that’s unfortunate, but it may come to that. I think the administration is resisting it; they prefer not to go that way for all of the reasons that we’re familiar with in terms of the symbolic notion of nationalization of major lending institutions."


Stephan said...

After seeing what Jindal's done to combat the problems in Louisiana, I'm all for him taking a shot at the Presidency in four years but for now I am ok with it being Obama's turn and giving him the benefit of the doubt.


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