Tuesday, February 24

Obama State of the Union Address Tonight

President Obama will speak to the people tonight in a nationally televised quasi State of the Union address. Check your local listing for time, but I think it will be at 8:00pm eastern time.

I just hope he brings the hope...I can't take another doom and gloom speech.


happyathome said...

Let's see if he took Bill Clinton's advice, ease back on all of the constant "doom and gloom" talk!

DeaconFireblade said...

I would much rather have "doom and gloom" as long as it's the truth. I don't want "sunshine and daisies" if it's another load of BS like the last guy was shoveling!

Natalie said...


I want the truth also, but for Pete sake, he is one of the greatest inspirational speech givers in recent memory, he should get up there and inspire us to dig deep, to stand strong and to not get discouraged. Remind us historically of other crisis times in America and how this nation rose above those circumstances and came back even stronger. He could inspire this nation to great things and he has the ability to do that while laying out the blunt facts of the matter.

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