Wednesday, February 18

Leveling the Playing Field - Part 1

Let me correct the record to state that Jeff's father-in-law is NOT a Democrat. In fact, it's highly suspected he's a closet Republican. And his mother-in-law is NOT a strong Democrat. She's a moderate Democrat. My apologies...especially to Mr. S. It is no joking matter to be miscategorized as a liberal Democrat. No joking matter whatsoever. But Jeff's wife IS a Democrat and a feminist in the vein of Hillary Clinton. Whatever that means!

One more thing...this story does have a happy ending. So please don't worry about the "outing" of my quasi Conservaberal brother. He ends up a hero. I know, it's all quite disgusting. The next entry will be posted overnight.

I have a confession to make. I've not been entirely upfront about something on this blog.

For those of you who have followed this blog from the beginning, you know that one of our most opinionated commenters is not even a mom. He started as out as an anonymous commenter, then he became anonymous Jeff and now he is just Jeff.

Here's what you don't know about Jeff: He's my brother. At least that's what our parents told us.

Jeff and I were born into a strong Republican family and grew up in a conservative mid-western town. Then we moved to the east coast and both went to the same conservative, Christian college. Following college and a short stint in the business world, Jeff went to law school. If you couldn't tell by his intense scrutiny, questioning, and desire to always have your points documented with sources, preferably sources that are independent and impartial, YES, he's a lawyer.

Ahhhh, now it's all becoming clear, isn't it? Oh, but it gets better.

After practicing law and living in the City of Brotherly Love, where there are more liberals than cheesesteaks, he met his wife. She's from a strong Democratic family---not that there's anything wrong with that---also an attorney, and a modern feminist in the vein of Hillary Clinton. (I have no idea what that means, but it sounded right).

Somewhere in law school, probably the week they began teaching how to argue a case, Jeff started practicing his arguing skillz on his family. His favorite topics are religion and politics. They are also my mom's favorite topics. (Remember, she's the lifelong Republican who has about 12 autographed pictures of Dubya.) Good times.

So we've tried to stay on more neutral topics over the years, especially now that we have an authentic Democrat in the family. And things were going well until I started this blog a year ago. I started noticing anonymous comments showing up that sounded strangely like the arguments I had heard while eating turkey and mashed potatoes across from my brother. After a few more, I knew it was him.

With a strong tongue lashing about proper blog etiquette and how rude anonymous comments are, he finally started signing his name.

Sometime in September, he started twitching, mumbling in his sleep about uniformed conservative robots, and neglected his job, family and eating to set us women straight about the election. Palin's nomination and the conservative love fest that ensued sent him over the edge. That's when an intervention was launched. His wife and my mom both took him aside and said, "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP IT. LEAVE THE WOMEN ALONE."

And he did.

In the end Obama won and Jeff assured his lifelong Republican family that we could expect our unicorn and pot of gold in the mail within the year.

Coming Up...So is he a Republican or a Democrat?


happyathome said...

Coming from a STRONG family of Republicans, I have two new sister-in-law's married in the past few years who are a Democrat and a Liberal. Boy does it add a little spice to the dinner table at family gatherings! And the points Jeff makes are right on the money with what both seem to state. One is also a Lawyer, no surprise there. This must be why I enjoy the post so much since it is like sitting at the dinner table on a Sunday with the in-laws, watching the arguements fly back and forth, no one winning in the end.

Jeff said...

For the record, my wife does not come from a strong Democratic family. Her father is a strong Republican and her mother is a moderate Democrat.

Despite my hopes of saving the P4M women (mostly my sister) from their right-wing folly, it's probably best to bite my tongue and let them be at peace.

happyathome said...

And the bantering goes on, I love politics. Always interesting, never dull and often taken for granted.

Livin' Life said...

That's so funny that everyone has been arguing with your brother.:) I was quite taken with the fact that this unknown liberal guy was stirring things up here. Now that we know its your brother it makes it that more interesting and fun!

stacey said...

I am so terribly behind in commenting to all your posts of late, but this one cracked me up and I just had to say so! Too funny! That is unless someone has a heart attack from the intense family gatherings!!

I hope to get back to some of your other posts. I just never have time to stop, read, AND absorb!

Marnie said...

My father would be SO upset at being called a Democrat! He claims to be an Independant but we (my mom, my sister and I) all know he's really a Republican. He might even be a ditto-head - did I use that term right? Does that have something to do with that Rush guy?

As for me being a Dem, I am, but I want it noted for the record that I have voted for Republicans in the past and might in the future depending on what views the person holds. You never know.

And yes, I do love Hillary Clinton - and it drives Jeff CRAZY!

Jeff said...

When Palin came onto the Republican scene, I developed a whole new appreciation for Hillary and have grown quite fond of her.

Melissa said...

Just for the record, this P4M woman hearts Jeff's arguments, his insults, his links, his big lawyer words, and most of all, the fact that he is your brother, something I can say I found out long ago. It makes things all the more he thinks he can convince us to fall at the feet of President Obama and admit we've been wrong! lol!

Six in the Mix said...

It makes my brain hurt to engage in banter with Jeff. It usually isn't worth all the time that it takes to gather all the facts, but then again, maybe it is. It certainly makes me support my beliefs. Even if I don't engage, his perspectives make me think. He certainly is a bulldog (without the lipstick).


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