Thursday, January 29

Loose Screw or Rush to Judgment?

I know this will go against what 98% of America believe, but I think Gov. Blagojevich may have a point.

There is no doubt that Blagojevich is a bit strange and has made his share of enemies in the state of Illinois. Earlier this week, pundits actually thought he may have been trying to mount a case for insanity as he zipped around NYC doing television show after television interview babbling about Oprah, cowboys and other nonsense.

Regardless, the fact remains that he hasn't been convicted of a crime, he hasn't even been indicted.

"How can you throw a governor out of office, and you haven't been able to show or prove any criminal wrongdoing?" Blagojevich said in his address to the Illinois Senate today. "How can you throw a governor out of office who is clamoring and begging to bring witnesses in?" he continued.

Then you have the prosecutor who seems to make a worthy argument.

"He has a Constitutional right not to be thrown in jail without a fair trial," said David Eillis, impeachment prosecutor continued. "But he does not have a Constitutional right to be governor. That is a privilege and he forfeited that privilege. He has abused the power of his office."

But where is the abuse of power? If it hasn't been proven that he committed a crime, then what exactly has he done wrong...besides be an idiot more often than not. It would appear that maybe they are trying to oust him for past grievances than maybe on the merits of this case.

Of course, if Blagojevich is indicted and the charges stick then I believe they have all the justification in the world to impeach him. The crimes he could be charged with are very serious and would mean that he intentionally tried to undermine and corrupt our democratic system. We should all be outraged at that.

But can't we let the judicial system work before we hang him out to dry? You can't get rid of a guy just because he may have a loose screw. Even loose screws deserve their day in court.



Jeff said...

You're right, he does make an interesting point. However, I imagine the impeachment process is governed by the Illinois state constitution, which must not require that he be criminally convicted of anything to be impeached and convicted by the state legislature. If he believes that the impeachment process is unconstitutional, then he can take his claim to the courts, but I get the feeling he has much bigger problems than just getting fired from his job.

stacey said...

not that i don't agree with your point. it is valid. but the guy is a freak and has crime oozing out of him. just my opinion! ;)

Shauna said...

Isn't accepting money in exchange for a seat in the Senate considered bribery - and abuse of power (making money off of being the only person who could select another person to fill that seat)? At any rate, I agree with Stacey - the guy is creepy. And what is with the hair?


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