Monday, January 26

Better Late Than Never

I know the inauguration is now in the history books. But in the spirit of the new tone of this site, I wanted to post some reflections I had from that day. This was previously posted on my family site the evening of the inauguration.

Here are my inauguration observations...
  1. Loved that Michelle Obama brought Mrs. Bush a gift. Classy.
  2. Kid Rock said he is a patriot. God help us!
  3. Bush #41 was showing his age today.
  4. Loved #41's hat he donned for the swearing in ceremony. I bet the Bush twins were mortified.
  5. I thought that if Bush's helicopter broke down and couldn't take him to Texas, maybe Aretha Franklin would let him borrow her hat. I'm pretty sure that thing could fly, if given the chance to take off.
  6. I don't understand poetry.
  7. I wonder what people would've said if Rick Warren would've prayed "when brown can stick around, when yellow will be mellow, when the red man can get ahead..."
  8. The tradition and peaceful transition of power on this day is truly amazing.
  9. Abe Lincoln on the Illinois float was scary looking.
  10. Dick Cheney looked miserable.
  11. I was reminded of how lonely the job of President is as Obama walked down the long corridors and out onto the Capitol terrace by himself.
  12. What do you think Bush and Obama talked about during the car ride to the Capitol?
  13. I bet Cheney leaned over to Biden and said "So are you nervous to be sitting so close to the most dangerous man in America?"
  14. Michelle is hating having that train on her dress tonight. Every time I see her she is flipping it out of the way.
  15. I wonder if I can hire the White House staff to move me into my next house. I'll give them 15-20 minutes and then show up to find my clothes in the closet and the refrigerator stocked with my favorite foods.
  16. I'm glad my husband wasn't sworn in as the president. My 3-year-old would've probably launched the Lincoln Bible into the crowd and then hidden under Sandra Day O'Connor's robe.
  17. Where do 2 million people go to the bathroom?
  18. I was disappointed in Obama's speech. No electricity.
  19. I was saddened to hear the crowd boo Bush when he was introduced.
  20. I think every television station was given the same talking points. As I flipped through all of them I heard the same facts, statistics and anecdotes over and over again.
  21. For instance, William Henry Harrison's inauguration speech was over 2 hours long. He got pneumonia due to the bitter cold weather of that day and died a month later.
  22. Wall Street took a dive today. Coincidence?
  23. If they would've passed the bucket and taken an offering with all those people in attendance, maybe we could've cut the deficit a little.
  24. 600 private planes flew into Dulles for the festivities. Are energy-saving, carbon footprint concerned Democrats allowed to own private planes?
  25. An announcer welcomed Barack H. Obama to the Capitol's west steps. Chief Justice John Roberts administered the oath of office to Barack Hussein Obama, who repeated his full name. And the ceremony ended with the Rev. Joseph Lowery's benediction for Barack Obama.
  26. And, suddenly Hillary Clinton is again Hillary Rodham Clinton.
  27. Production at work places must have been close to nil yesterday b/c the Internet was on overdrive (i.e. soooooooooo slow) with people trying to watch the festivities live, view pictures and read commentary. It's amazing that the American people didn't break the Internet on our historic day. But if we had, Al Gore was around and could have fixed it. I mean, he did invent it so I assume he could fix it if it broke.
  28. On my TV, Michelle's outfit looked green. The commentators said it was yellow gold. Regardless of the color, how did she stay warm? There was nothing to that coat.
  29. Loved Dr. Jill Biden's go-go boots. But I thought her skirt was too short for her age and the occasion. I did like her red coat. Seems like red is a better color to wear than yellow gold/green.
  30. I wonder what kind of gas mileage the President's new armored car gets. I'm sure it's probably a hybrid of some sort.
  31. I thought the instrumental music by all those famous musicians (too tired to look all their names up) was wonderful.
  32. They should've done a balloon release. Nothing says inauguration like a red, white and blue balloon release.
  33. Saw Ray Nagin, mayor of New Orleans, sitting in the cheap seats. Actually, I'm not sure he even had a seat. Maybe he gave his ticket to Oprah.
  34. Obama is a lefty. Trivia Question: How many presidents have been left-handed?

In conclusion, a great day for America. God bless (and help) the United States of America. What were your observations and impressions from the day?


Rachel Langston said...

Welcome Back! Glad to have someone to talk politics with again.

Amen to all these points above, especially #'s 1, 7, 15, 19, 29.

I posted a similar list to this one while I was watching and I noticed some of the exact same things!

Looking forward to following another conservative opinion as Obama makes his way at governing instead of campaigning.

happyathome said...

Point number 18, completely agree and that is all the commentators were talking about how the speach had to be over the top, not even close. And number 28, all I kept on questioning was how the heck she stayed warm in that outfit! I made a few points, not as many as yours. Stop by and glad you are back!


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