Saturday, November 8

Obama Selects Team

President-elect Barack Obama only got a few hours to drink in his victory before it was back to the task at hand: Setting up his new administration.

Rep. Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., has accepted the position of White House chief of staff. A veteran of the Clinton administration and a close political ally of Obama's from Chicago, Emanuel brings experience, knowledge of Capitol Hill and a sense of duty.

Emanuel is not a newcomer to the White House. He served six and a half years under Clinton and has been a member of Congress for four terms. Emanuel has moved up through the Congressional ranks and knows how to work Washington.

Although these are not confirmed appointments, other names that are circulating are David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs.

Axelrod was Obama's chief campaign strategist and has known the president-elect since 1993, longer than anyone else in Obama's inner circle. He is widely credited for helping Obama's political ascent and has been on the forefront of Obama's campaign.

Robert Gibbs is also one of Obama's top aides and pundits predict he will be tapped for the position of White House press secretary. Gibbs helped lead the campaign's communication team as the senior strategist for communications and message.

While Democrats are lining up with resumes in hand for the more than 2,000 positions Obama will appoint in his administration, there is also a lot of chatter whether he will reach across the aisle to any Republicans.

What do you think ... which Republicans do you think have the greatest change at a cabinet position?



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