Tuesday, October 7

Tennessee Debate Winner?

I had a prior commitment tonight and only got to watch about 30 minutes of the debate. Thirty minutes was more than enough.

If I can be honest for a minute, I have to say I'm sick of the same old answers to the same old questions. I'm sick of the rhetoric that goes on forever and says nothing. I'm sick of promises that we know can't be kept.

So riddle me this:

1. Were there any moments of brilliance that I missed?

2. If you could ask a question in a debate, what would you ask?

3. Have these debates changed your opinion about a candidate?


Jessi said...

I'm also sick of it all...I probably would have endured another pointless debate with more of the same, except my hubby said "no" - it would just be a waste of an evening that would leave us annoyed and agitated at the end.

Can we just vote tomorrow already?!?! Is there really anyone that undecided that any of this will help any more?

mommy zabs said...

i think the only useful debate was the saddleback one. These others are useless. I'm ready to vote now.

tigrefan98 said...

mommy zabs is absolutely right. I support McCain, and thought he did well, seemed direct and Presidential. BUT a WIDE variety of important issues were never addressed: immigration, abortion, judicial appointments, 2nd amendment, and on and on. People want a well-rounded portrait of both 'from the horse's mouth.'

Tawanda Bee said...

I was pleased to see the debate, since I have not watched anything for the past year, and I must say that Obama was very impressive. He was articulate and answered the questions with specificity showing a commanding presence.

What we are currently doing at home and abroad is not working... so I am ready for a change.

Jungle Mom said...

I think the cure for insomnia was discovered last night during the debate.

Melissa said...

Of course we thought it was boring...look at our culture! We live for drama and last night there was no drama!

Please Senator McCain drive home the fact that Senator Obama is not qualified to run this country and nobody really knows who he is! We've heard enough about the economy and alternative energy. Give us something new to chew on.

momma read said...

I too, would like something to "chew" on. I have looked into both of these canidated very hard. I must say that I am displeased about most everything I see. Why isn't anyone asking about our freedoms that we are loosing? Immigration- what are they going to do for it? NOTHING! What about our troops and the war that we can not support? What about our failing $$$. What about the Patriot Act? What about government control? I just don't see how these topics keep getting jumped over! I'm voting Constitution Party! Chuck Baldwin! If you want a good change for our America- You should check this option out!!

Mickeyswimmer45 said...

In the Tennessee debate, obama seemed like a stronger leader. He was very likeable. McCain on the other hand spent more time attacking his opponent rather than just answering the questions. I understand it was a debate, but it was more to answer peoples quesitons. This is clearly why Obama won the debate. National polls say he won also.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Obama is smooth. And has a charisma that overshadows his lack of knowledge. Every time I hear him answer a question, it is just a few words added to the question itself. I've yet to hear a real plan- just a promise to do it. I want to know how!! Take healthcare reform. It's not just the insurance companies he says he will go after. It's the legal system, drug companies, technology companies as well as the insurance industry. He'll never be able to resolve the issue- the insurance companies have too much clout. He scares me with his naivity!!


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