Monday, October 27

Scholastic: Countdown to Election '08

I've been surprised about how interested kids are in this year's election. Wherever I go I hear kids talking about the candidates.

If you'd like to help your kids learn more about the issues, candidates and the process, send them over to Scholastic where they have a fun, informative and interactive site devoted to this election.

The Scholastic Kids Press Corps, a team of about 80 hard-working, articulate kids, ages 9-14 report on the election from their hometowns across the country. The Kid Reporters cover the election from their “kid’s eye” perspectives, which helps other kids see the relevance of current events to their own lives.

The site also has a Presidential Election Poll, an opportunity for students to cast their vote for President. Since 1940, the outcome of the Scholastic Election Poll has mirrored the outcome of the general election, in every election but two (in 1948 when students chose Thomas E. Dewey over Harry S. Truman and in 1960 when more students voted for Richard M. Nixon than John F. Kennedy). In the 2004 election, more than half a million students in first through eighth grades participated in the poll.


Livin' Life said...

Our school follows this and will be having their first mock election this week. I will have to let you know how the candidates did at our school.

Melissa said...

I hope this is the third election they'll be wrong about!


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