Monday, October 20

Newspaper Endorsement or Impartial Journalism?


While we're on the subject of endoresments, I read on another blog recently (can't remember where, sorry) someone questioning why newspapers endorse candidates if they are suppose to be impartial reporters of the news.

I thought that was an excellent point. Any thoughts?

*****I've been e-mailing back and forth with a reader that wanted me to make the distinction that it's not the newspaper that's making the endorsement but the newspaper's editorial board. The editorial board is paid to have opinions and write about them.

So does that change the way you think about newspaper endorsements?


Melissa said...

This election has turned into a frenzy and is so clearly dividing our country. Again.

Yes, endorsements count because we live in the culture of "celebrity worship". People would much rather have someone they know and adore speak for them because it saves them the trouble of doing the research themselves.

The Gang's All Here! said...

Unfortunately, M's right. For the majority of the country celebrity endorsements of any kind do count. However, I tend to discount those made by people I do not know or by people I cannot dialogue with myself. I even take endorsements, or the lack thereof, from leaders that I trust with a grain of salt . . . I'm more likely to want to seek out the information myself. Can't stand thinking like the crowd . . . or being told to.


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