Monday, October 6

60 Second Politics

A lot of time there are just little snippets of political news that don't warrant an entire post, but I still think you'd find interesting. So I'm going to start a new feature called "60 Second Politics" where I just give you the latest political news fast and dirty.

  • A new global poll of 17 countries finds a huge preference for Barack Obama over John McCain in the presidential election in 16 of those countries. In the 17th country -- the U.S. -- McCain was edging out Obama.
  • The Biden campaign has canceled Senator Biden’s public schedule for Monday and Tuesday after his wife Jill’s mother passed away this afternoon. he’d already suspended events last night in Washington and today in Virginia due to her illness.
  • McCain's campaign pulled out of Michigan last week.
  • Meghan McCain has a new book called My Dad John McCain.
  • Palin declared over the weekend that "The heels are on, the gloves are off" as she talked at a rally for the first time about Barack Obama’s friendship with Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers.
  • The Obama camp responded with a series of ads that link Sen. McCain to the Keating 5 in the 1980s.



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