Monday, September 8

That's the Nicest Thing Anyone Has Ever Said About this Site

There’s Politics for Moms, a more middle of the road, “let’s be nice,” kind of site. I think independents and moderates would like this one.
Thanks to GJ Sentinel for the shout out. The article goes on to talk about the growing contingency of moms blogging about politics. It pointed out that Blogher sent mommy bloggers to both the RNC and DNC, but reportedly, the DNC refused to meet with them.

Why should you care what the moms are saying? Well, most importantly, they aren’t in any political power. They blog what they feel. There’s no money backing these women so they represent an honest opinion, often a reflection of the entire household. They are also shaping the political opinions of their children, which may effect future elections. And, they have an interest in shattering a glass ceiling for either party.

Political junkies everywhere can speculate and regurgitate all they want. But nobody is talking about the mommy blogger which I think could really put a pin into the cog of this election.

Time will tell if either or both parties underestimated the value of the mommy blogger vote.


Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Yay! Go P4M!

Did you see Chilihead's post today? I thought it was really interesting:

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Oh, meant to say that I think both sides think the other is shouting.

Are you on Twitter? It was really, really interesting during the conventions.

Melissa said...

I heart P4M.

The Gang's All Here! said...

Go girl! I've recommended this site to so many of my friends who feel intimidated by the rhetoric. And I keep encouraging them that we do have important things to add to the conversation. I think that's why we just love sites like this that help us say them intelligently!


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