Wednesday, July 9

What You Don't Know About John McCain

By Jean from Moms for McCain

I blog every day about John McCain and why I think Moms should vote for him. But since I have only one post here, I want to share the McCain you haven't seen - the "man inside the suit."

You know McCain is Republican (insert applause or sneers here). You may NOT know that McCain has been endorsed by both prominent Democrats and conservative Republicans (Fred Thompson, Sam Brownback, Gary Bauer, to name a few). You may NOT know that in the Senate McCain actually *got things done* working with Democrats, passing key legislation, including campaign finance reform and climate change.

You know that John McCain served with distinction in the navy, including a 5 1/2-year stint as a prisoner of war. You may NOT know that due to his father's high military rank, he had the chance to go home early - and didn't take it, out of loyalty to his fellow servicemen and his commitment to his country.

You know that McCain is married to Cindy, a former teacher and active philanthropist. You may NOT know that sons Jimmy and Jack are currently active-duty military, and Jimmy was actually *in Iraq* in 2007, during a rocky period for the McCain campaign. You may not know that daughter Meghan has a great blog with behind-the-scenes photos. And you may not know that Cindy McCain brought home daughter Bridget from Mother Teresa's orphanage in Bangladesh for life-saving medical care - and a very surprised Senator McCain welcomed them and adopted Bridget within the week.

You know that the media has given more attention to Obama and Clinton, perhaps because of the historic nature of the primary, perhaps because of barriers breaking, perhaps because they just like them better. You may NOT know that McCain has thriving online and grassroots support, and that outreach to women and Moms is growing every day.

Come join the discussion and learn more about John McCain: a leader America can believe in.


Anonymous said...

I've never understood why some Republicans have such negative feelings about McCain. He's one of the few independent thinkers in the Senate. Even if you disagree with some of his positions, you have to admire his willingness to take unpopular positions (at least unpopular with the base). The Republican party did the right thing nominating him as their candidate for president. He was the only candidate with a prayer to win in November. I do think his age is a problem (wish he was 5 years younger) and some of his recent pandering to the Right is unsettling (but understandable in an election where all candidates pander to certain groups). I don't know if I'll actually vote for him, but I won't be upset if he wins.


Winghunter said...

Oh my, where to begin, where to begin...

While Fred Thompson is a friend of McCain's, had he thought McCain would do a better job he wouldn't have entered the race in the first place. Now, in realizing it is either McCain or the used car salesman with nothing other to offer than charisma, Obama, then an actual choice has been rendered academic.

Next, when McCain "got things done" he went to far or in the wrong direction. McCain-Feingold is an excellent example and certainly the 31,000 scientists now aligned against the theory of man-made climate change is certainly another...McCain is a stone idiot, he just happens to be the lesser of idiots.

First, find out how we got to this pitiful place;

How the Republican Party Committed National Suicide By JB Williams - Michigan News

Who Hijacked the Primaries? by Brett Winterble - Human Events

Mature and reasonable citizens can handle the truth and still pull the voting lever for the lesser of evils...those incapable for their own governance can not;

John Juan McCain

Oh, and no Jeff.
Willingness to take wildly unpopular positions is a vivid demonstration of the inability to formulate solutions that actually work and work within freedom. ( See above research for clear and indisputable examples. )

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Enjoyed the you know/you may not know format of the post. I learned some new things, and they're the kind of things that, while not necessarily convincing me to vote for anyone, do make me more interested in the candidates as people, and I think who they are as people (honest or not, family-people or not, etc) is important.



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