Tuesday, July 29

What Words Describe the Candidates?

The Associated Press and Yahoo! News released a poll on Monday with the Top 10 answers voters volunteered when asked to describe John McCain and Barack Obama.

John McCain:
1. Old, 19 percent
2. Military service, 9 percent
3. Record, qualifications, 8 percent
4. Bush, 7 percent
5. Strength, 7 percent
6. Insider, politician, 7 percent
7. Iraq, terrorism, 6 percent
8. Honest, 5 percent
9. Republican, 5 percent
10. (tie) Moral/good and dishonest, 4 percent

Barack Obama:
1. Outsider, change, 20 percent
2. Lack of experience, 13 percent
3. Dishonest, 9 percent
4. Inspiring, 8 percent
5. Liberal, 6 percent
6, 7 (tie). Obama's race, young, 6 percent
8. Not likable, 5 percent
9. Intelligent, 4 percent
10. Muslim, 3 percent

What three words would you use to describe each of the candidates?


Jane @ What About Mom? said...

good question. I'll be honest, even though it may expose a lot about me. :)

McCain -- can't raise his arms to brush his own hair (I read this somewhere; is it true?)

Obama -- Black/cute in a Denzel Washington-almost sort of way.

Democracy is in good hands, baby!

Classic MaMa said...

Very Interesting

Anonymous said...

Muslim? Hopefully this is the 3 percent that don't know how to vote.


Shauna said...

Agreed - Obama is not Muslim - unfortunately that is not a rumor that seems to be squelched easily.

McCain - Hero, old, integrity

Obama - Young, slick, dishonest

I definitely think that McCain is the better candidate, but not based on rumors and inuendo - strictly based on actions, words and policy.

Anonymous said...

Why dishonest?

KarenW said...

I would like to know why is McCain considered an insider and Obama an outsider? They are both senators. Doesn't that make them both insiders?? The difference is one is an experienced insider and the other in an inexperienced insider.


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