Friday, July 25

Obama Cancels Visit to Military Hospital

Just one more reason I have my panty-hose in a knot over Sen. Obama's trip overseas.


Anonymous said...

I think Mr. Obama is unfortunately a dangerous, highly self-centered and opportunistic predator. Of course politicians are egotistical but Sen. Obama is pompous, cocky and arrogant to a degree that is truly pathological. I have been concerned for some time about his narcissist personality defects. Now I am convinced that he is a manipulative, sociopathic megalomaniac just as was Adolph Hitler. The latter used the Berlin Victory Column to signify a grand unification to form one Germania. He used the Victory Column to proclaim "Hail Victory" - in Germen, "Sieg Heil."

TiredoftheSmearsandFearTactics said...

I think it is dangerous, inflammatory, offensive and very manipulative to compare Obama and Hitler.

Natalie said...

I have to agree with tiredofthesmearsandfeartactics, I think Anon's comment is over the top and not really constructive.

And, Anon, if you're going to leave that type of comment, you better put a name on it the next time or I'll be forced to delete it. I have a thing about anonymous comments...especially ones that are inflammatory.

Jo-Ann said...

Obama was actually notified by the Pentagon only 48 hours before his visit that he would not be able to visit the military hospital. He was told that he had to cancel.

And since I seem to be defending Obama a lot on this site, I think I need to make something clear. While I will most certainly vote for Obama in November, he is not the candidate that I was supporting when this all began. So, I do not by any means view him as a "Rock Star" (as seems to be a common saying). He has his faults, as do all candidates. But I have been blown away by the distortions that get thrown about that people take to be fact without looking deeper.

One of those such distortions is that Obama cancelled his visit with injured war heroes because he would not get press coverage. In fact, Obama has made countless and frequent trips to military hospitals that no one has ever heard about because the press did not cover the trip. As for this cancelled visit, the PENTAGON made him cancel the visit.

Now, maybe we should take pause with the pentagon's motives for canceling at the last minute when they had ample notice of his plans. Maybe *that* is the issue that should have our collective panty-hose in a knot. Something to consider...

Natalie said...


I was just watching CNN and they were going through the entire story and timetable. It does appear that Sen. Obama was not at fault in that fiasco and was planning to visit without cameras as he did in Iraq.

It's another example of the media not getting the entire story before reporting and then putting a controversial spin on it to boot. I played into their hands by not verifying the story with several sources, like I normally do.

I have this unwritten rule about not operating heavy machinery and making big decisions when I'm PMSing...maybe I need to add 'not blogging' to the list :)

Jo-Ann said...

No worries Natalie. It is actually a pleasure debating with you, you have such a friendly way about your responses.

Like I said, I'm not an Obama cheerleader, although I do support him. I am just beyond frustrated at what is accepted as truth just because someone "said so." Now, let's see if McCain pulls his ad that he was quick to get on air highlighting and criticizing Obama's canceled visit. My biggest concern with that is that McCain, as an experienced Senator, surely knew the full story of why Obama's visit was canceled and chose to distort it and capitalize on it anyway.


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