Friday, June 20

Freedom Friday

In case you missed last week's Freedom Friday post, let me remind you that through the summer this feature will focus on ways we can build citizenship in our children.

For this week's post, I was inspired by last night's 'Jay Walking' feature on The Late Show with Jay Leno.

If you're not familiar with 'Jay Walking,' Leno goes out on the street and asks random people questions about current events, facts about the US, etc. The humor is that most of the times no one knows the correct answers.

On last night's show, he asked random people on the street the name of our National Anthem and then asked them to sing it. Of course, one in ten could answer The Star Spangled Banner and even fewer could sing the words. As with most of his 'Jay Walking' segments, the people he interviews are usually under age 25. Sad.

So something you may want to do this summer is start teaching your kids The Star Spangled Banner. Of course, the song will mean more to them if you give them the history behind the song. And if you happen to find yourself in Washington, D.C. you might consider a stop at The National Museum of American History to see their Star-Spangled Banner gallery.

Other patriotic songs that are fun for kids to learn are: America, Yankee Doodle, This Land is Your Land, When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again, My Country Tis of Thee, God Bless America.


Vicki said...

This is a great idea! I just asked my oldest daughter (6) if she knew the national anthem. "No". I then asked if she knew The Star Spangled Banner and she was able to hum the tune. So, that's a good start!

Classic MaMa said...

I love Jay-Walking. I wish I oculd keep awake to see it more often. :) Great idea, by the by, making sure our kids don't turn up on Jay Leno and being the fool that can't pick out their own president from a line-up.


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