Tuesday, May 6

What Hoosiers are Thinking

It's been interesting to read the blogs of a few Hoosiers who have shared their thoughts and experience being in a state where a primary finally matters.

You can read what kind of trouble Kendra is stirring up over at A Superhero Princess & Monkey. I'll forgive her for liking country music since she is a political junkie.

And over at Hoosier Happenings there is much concern over voter ID and excitement over all the candidate sightings that happen when the primary comes to your state.


Kendra said...

Stirring up Trouble??!! Heavens NO...okay maybe just a little.

Operation Chaos is going well in the Hoosier state and I did my part this morning.

I do like country music but lately I've been listening a lot to R&B! All depends on the mood I suppose.

the back door said...

so i really don't like the whole operation chaos thing. i mean - are we supposed to vote that way.

either way, i'm not what you would consider to be a party gal. i vote for the person, but since hubby has a passion to be in politics and as a republican my voting record is intensely watched. however, at last minute, he conceeded to letting me pull a d if i wanted. well, i did. frankly, i would have made 1 vote on the r side so i enjoyed actually having a vote that counted.

i did vote for obama and in our very tight govenor race (6000 vote difference). i took mapboy, age 7, in to the booth with me and he could hardly contain his excitement.

frankly, for all of those operation chaos people, i think either way a democrat will win this year so i wanted to have a part in picking which one i would rather have! sorry - just my prediction...

hoosier reborn said...


Thanks for stopping by Hoosier Happenings and giving us a plug. Since I'm not a mom....I don't know if I should be here...but I think you've got a great site-congrats. If you really want to know what Hoosiers are thinking, go to HH now!


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