Friday, May 30


Ugh! Has it really been over a week since my last post? Sorry, I got caught up in the last day of school, the weekend holiday and kids home for the summer. Let's see if we can get back on track since I missed a primary (or two).

  • Last Tuesday, Kentucky and Oregon weighed in with their primaries. Clinton won Kentucky and Oregon went for Obama.
  • That brings us to next Tuesday, June 3 and the final primaries of this election. Voters in Montana and South Dakota will cast their ballots while Republicans in New Mexico will caucus.
  • Even with the remaining primaries, neither Democratic candidate will secure the nomination. That brings us to the conundrum that is facing the super delegates and the party officials. How do they resolve the stalemate quickly and with minimal blood shed? Who is more worthy of the nomination? Who is more electable?
  • Sen. Clinton provided answers to some of those questions in this letter that was sent yesterday to the super delegates appealing for their support.
  • On Saturday, Democratic party leaders will meet to decide what to do with the FL and MI delegates.

Stay tuned. With Obama promising that "this will all be over next week" there is sure to be some fireworks coming.


happyathome said...

Missed your posts! Glad your back.


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