Wednesday, May 7

Split Decision

Despite a victory for Sen. Clinton in Indiana yesterday, the margin of victory was only 22,000 votes. It was not the convincing win that the she needed to put herself back in a race where she still trails in popular vote, number of delegates and the number of states won. With only six contest and 217 pledged delegates remaining, all eyes are on the super delegates now if Clinton doesn't step out of the race.

I'm guessing the pressure for her to get out of the race will really start to mount now as we get closer to the convention and Democrats will want to avoid having an all out melee at the convention.

As I reported last night, Sen. Obama won a decisive victory in North Carolina. According to ABC News, his support came from 91 percent of African-Americans who accounted for a third of voters in the state. The Illinois senator also benefited from a surge of new voters who favored Obama by a heavy margin.

Obama Big Winner in N.C., Clinton Ekes Out Ind. Win, ABC

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