Tuesday, May 13

Nebraska & West Virginia Go to Polls Today

With only 8 more primaries left before the conventions, Nebraska and West Virginia weigh in today with their votes. Clinton is expected to win West Virginia by a landslide, but in a primary season full of twists and turns, it is still anyone's game.

And it's probably just that fact that keeps Sen. Clinton chugging along even though most people agree she has no chance of pulling out the nomination at this point. But there has definitely been a shift in Obama's campaign as he is turning his attention from defeating Clinton to defeating McCain. His strategists are shifting gears and beginning to set their sights on the November elections.

The Obama Rules, RealClear Politics

Advice for Obama: Get Specific, Newsweek

Another Epic West Virginia Battle, USA Today


Six in the Mix said...

The "Get Specific" article by Newt was right on. Senator Obama has yet to get specific about the change that he wants to initiate. He may win the election, but will he be able to deliver without getting legislators on board now? The ship has been dubbed "Change" but where is she going?


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