Thursday, May 15

Edwards Backs Obama

Just when Obama faced bleak headlines, raising doubts about his ability to connect with white working-class voters after a substantial loss to party rival Sen. Hillary Clinton in West Virginia, the Illinois senator was able to trot out the one Democrat who might be able to help.

No one missed the fact that Barack Obama and John Edwards looked right together. "They looked fantastic together," gushed Jill Zuckman, the Chicago Tribune's able political writer. "They looked like a ticket." Obama-Backing Edwards Elbows Aside Clinton, The Nation

The announcement was a blow to Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose bid for the Democratic nomination appears all but lost, and brought Obama a welcome distraction from his landslide defeat Tuesday in the West Virginia primary.

The 41-percentage-point rout sparked new questions about his persistent troubles appealing to white, blue-collar voters, even if it did little to boost Clinton's prospects. In Edwards, Obama picked up the support of a former presidential candidate who had emphasized his roots as the son of a mill worker and aimed his pitch at working-class voters.
John Edwards finally makes his choice: Barack Obama, LA Times



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