Monday, April 7

Speculation Growns on Rice for GOP Ticket

I just saw a news story that claims Condoleeza Rice has expressed interest in becoming John McCain's running mate. Honestly, I find that hard to believe but Rice as VP would add a complete and unexpected twist to this election.

Has anyone else seen this story? Any thoughts about Rice joining the race?


Jessi said...

I think it would be exciting, and would love to see Rice as the running mate. In addition to the respect I think Condoleeza has earned over the past years which, in my estimation would serve as great qualification for the job, it would also take a lot of the 'edge' away from the democratic tug on the "vote for the minority" heartstrings. Personally, I'd love to see the progress representation of having a woman or black person in office, but not at the compromise of my values on the issues. This would, in a sense, even the playing field and bring the focus back to the issues, and less about voting on the basis of the gender/race factors.

I seem to be fumbling around with my I hope that made sense!

2 Boys' Mom said...

The AP came out with an article stating that she has no aspiration for being the VP nominee and that she is planning to return to Stanford. See AP article:

belle said...

i love the idea! i'm not sure who is actually being considered but this would put the focus back on the issues! she's black, a woman and i could whole heartedly support her! she would be a great american to go down in history as "the first"!!! i'd vote for her is she was running for president- man or woman, black or white.... rice is qualified and more than competent and has my vote.


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