Thursday, April 3

Noodle This: Third Party Candidates

I heard Bob Barr interviewed tonight about his possible bid for the White House with the Libertarian party. This former Republican congressman is seen as a potential threat to McCain's campaign if he gets the Libertarian nomination. According to The Washington Times:

"Republican campaign pros said a Barr bid could range from causing them some damage all the way to being the equivalent of Ross Perot's 1992 presidential bid, which many Republicans think split their party's voters, unseating then-President Bush and electing Democrat Bill Clinton."

The interviewer tonight kept grilling Barr about whether his candidacy would split McCain's votes and ultimately give the victory to the Democrats. Barr held firm that when voters are dissatisfied with a party and/or candidate, they should have other choices and not be locked into just one or two people.

What do you think?

Does the U.S. electoral system have room for a viable third-party candidate or will it always be just a drain on one of the other two parties?


Melissa said...

I believe at some point a third party candidate is viable, but they are too late for 2008. I agree it will weaken McCain's votes and we'll end up with a Democrat in office.


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