Thursday, April 17

Debate Sparks Strong Opinions

What a night for me to miss a debate---and not even tape it, to boot.

As I read through today's articles from a wide-range of sources, I'm shocked by the reactions to the debate moderators and the performances of each candidate. I can't ever remember a debate garnering this much opinion. You either loved it or hated it!

Here's some great reading

No Whining About the Media, New York Times

Tough Questions on Gaffes throw both Candidates Off Message, Boston Globe

What About the Concerns of Pennsylvanians, Philadelphia Daily News - Attytood

John McCain was the Big Winner, The American Spectator

What do you think? Did Gibson and Stephanopolous miss the boat with their line of questioning? Did Clinton "win" the debate? Did you see an Obama who was flustered and off-kilter all evening?

Give me the goods!


Hands-Free Heart said...

I haven't seen it either, but I plan on doing what I've done with some of the other debates... watch it on YouTube. This one is separated into 10 parts. Here's the link to the first part:

1 of 10 - ABC Democratic Debate from Philadelphia, PA - 4/16

Then, just search for "2 of 10 ABC Debate Philadelphia" or something like that.

Shauna said...

I watched the debate (most of it, anyway) and I can safely say that John McCain won - in a landslide. It was really interesting that Bill Ayers (of the Weathermen Underground) is Obama's good friend, which drew serious criticism from Clinton, when he mentioned that fmr. president Bill Clinton had pardoned or commuted the sentences for other members of the Weathermen Underground - they found a way to disagree about which of these things were worse.

Clinton gave a ridiculous response to her "Bosnia gaff", which was equal to Obama's response to associations with Farrakhan, Rev. Wright and others with a seemingly subversive attitude toward America.

Their debate gave me a pretty upsetting picture of what life would be like with either as president; although, I have to say that Obama's affiliation with some pretty questionable figures (not just Bill Ayers) causes me quite a bit of concern.

Anonymous said...

On what basis have you formed the belief that Ayers is Obama's "good friend"?

Cassie said...

I saw the debate and thought it was just sad. I don't think either of the candidates "won" because I don't think any of them said hardly anything that we didn't already know. Obama spent the whole time stumbling over his words, and the moderators asked several irrelevant questions. I was really disappointed.


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