Tuesday, March 11

A Little of this and a Little of that

Last week was a very busy political news week so I got a little off track covering those stories. I haven't forgotten that we still need to take a look at the Clinton and Obama health care plans, and those are coming up this week.

Mississippi is holding their primary today. Obama is predicted to win big.

You all must have also done poorly in your college economics class because no one came forth and offered to explain the current economic slowdown. So let me noodle that subject for a while and do some research and I'll see if I can bring some clarity to it.

After today, the next primary isn't until April 22!! I pity those poor people in Pennsylvania who are going to get slammed with presidential candidates' mailings, banners and posters, phone calls and television ads for the next seven weeks. SEVEN WEEKS. I read somewhere that the candidates didn't even start heavily campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire until two weeks before and we all saw how intense that was.

Oh wait, I'm one of those poor people who live in Pennsylvania! And all three candidates have already moved into our state. Senator Clinton is holding a rally as I write, less than 10 miles from where I'm sitting. Senator McCain will be hosting a fundraising dinner on Thursday in the area and I think Senator Obama is in the northeast part of the state hobnobbing. I'll keep you posted on the "Seven Week War" as our newspaper has lovingly termed it.

Did you ever wonder who is actually working in the senate when we've got three of the Senators jetting around the nation for over a year?


The Gang's All Here! said...

How funny! I just said to The Boss last night - "I wonder who's doing McCain, Clinton, and Obama's work in the Senate while they race frenetically all over the country to garner their support?!" And the money they are spending? OY! They could feed small nations for ages on the dollars they are flinging at flyers, phone calls and tv ads alone!


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