Monday, March 3

Big Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday, Part 2 as four more states hold their primaries. Here are a few stories to get you up to speed with everything political for the big day.

Ohio, Texas Poised to Decide Democratic Nomination, Fox News

Tuesday night might be Barack Obama's last chance to knock Hillary Clinton Out, Daily News

Can John McCain Win in Spite of the Republican Brand?, Real Clear Politics


Melissa said...

In response to "The Republican brand" story... it is, again, the left wing media's portrayal of what they want people to think and not necessarily the truth. Can we all take a moment and think about who is controlling the senate right now? It isn't the republicans! Our economy, health care and every other crisis is not a republican or democrat is an AMERICAN issue. Let's stop pointing our fingers playing the blame game and fix some of these problems. If anything has been "tainted" we have the media and our own naiveness to blame for that.


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