Friday, February 15

Is Compassion Overrated?

I'm sure you all remember that George Bush ran for President as a "compassionate conservative." That coined phrase struck a cord and led him to the White House for two terms.

However, has compassion become a political liability? Here's one writer's opinion from the New York Times.


Livin' Life said...

It was an over all interesting article but hard to sort through the authors own personal dislike of President Bush and his desire to see equality. Sometimes he was very clear about how this compassion campaign did insult the hard working lower class and did not clearly define the difference between being motivated with compassion to make things better or to just pity the people and give them a pat on the back.

On the other hand it was very clear he did not like President Bush or Republicans therefore so much was tainted. The strongest point I feel he made in this article is that is not right to view our nations problems and to just place compassion band-aids on them. We must help these individuals rise up to a better standard of life. Personally I believe that starts with individuals in our community more than politics and federal government.


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