Friday, February 1

Freedom Friday

This is a picture of my son. We received this flag at a fourth of July celebration last summer and he still loves to wave it. Of course, he is too young to understand all that flag symbolizes. He's still several years away from knowing about the many lives that have been given so he can stand in his driveway and wave it proudly. But some day he will know and I hope that their stories of courage and bravery will inspire him to always celebrate and exercise his freedoms and to never take them for granted.

Every Friday I'd like to post a picture that celebrates our country's freedom in some way. The picture could include your kids, your pets, a place, icon, building...if doesn't matter. Just show me what "Freedom" means to you.

You can e-mail me your photos here and I will post one each week.


Livin' Life said...

Great iconic picture of America!:)


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