Wednesday, January 30

A Welcome, the Latest, and Great Comments

Welcome to all of you who found this site via Parent Hacks! Make yourselves comfy and feel free to join the discussion at any time.

The Latest
Hillary Clinton and John McCain were victorious in the Florida Primary yesterday. Clinton had a decisive victory over Obama while McCain and Romney battled to the end.

I was suppose to cover Rudy Giuliani's education plan this afternoon but after his third place finish last night in Florida, he dropped out of the race today and threw his support behind John McCain.

John Edwards also bowed out of the race today after running a distant third in most of the primaries. The former North Carolina senator did not endorse anybody.

With these latest developments, it looks like it's a two person race for the Democrats and we're down to 2-3 real contenders for the Republicans.

Great Comments
If you haven't been checking the comments, then you're missing the best stuff. There are several great discussions going on.


Anonymous said...

Just a note of clarification that the Democratic Primary in Florida does not officially count. The national party is not accepting Florida's delagates due to Florida breaking party rules by moving up their Primary date. The candidates did not campaign in the state, although Clinton is claiming the victory for obvious political reasons.

mlm said...

Clinton bucked the party's wishes and actually DID visit the state. I don't know if she'd classify it as "campaigning" but she certainly stopped by and glad-handed a bit before the vote.


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